Mary Colon-Nolasco
Lake Harmony Estates Rules and Regulations

Lake Harmony Estates is a community resort area where 40 percent of the home owners live here all year around. Please respect the community, the people who live here, vacationers and most importantly the wildlife.


Quiet Time: The community appreciates a quiet time between 11pm and 7am when engaging in activities.


RESPECT THE WILDLIFE: DO NOT FEED or TORMENT them. Please remember they are wild animals.


NO HUNTING: Hunting is strictly prohibited and strictly enforced by the Police Department.


NO BONFIRES FIRES ALLOWED: Open fires are not allowed and strictly enforced by the Fire Department and Police Department.


NO FIREARMS MAY BE DISCHARGED AT ANY TIME INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO: guns, paintball guns, bows and arrows, and any other type of firearms are prohibited.




DO NOT THROW ASHES IN THE WOODS: A metal container must be used for the removal of ashes to reduce the risk of a fire.


NO CUTTING OF TREES: No cutting or destruction of trees or greenery.


No Parking: Parking on the roads is prohibited at All TIMES. You will get a fine if you do.


UNLICENSED MOTOR VECHICLES of any type are prohibited including but not limited to ATV’s, scooters, motorized pocket bikes, and snowmobiles.


NO SPEEDING: speed limit is 20 miles per hour on all roads at all times. Please do not speed as there are many children and animals in the area.


Rental Beach Badges Are Necessary in order to use the beach. All children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.


No Dogs are allowed on the beach. All dogs must be kept on a leash at all times, licensed and cleaned up after.


Trash is picked up every Monday. Please try to place your trash out as close to Monday as possible. Put all trash in tightly closed garbage bags and place them in the bear box located at the driveway entrance of the house. Please make sure the box is closed.


While enjoying your vacation in Lake Harmony Estate, please abide to these Rules and Regulations and avoid fines and penalties.


Thank you.