Mary Colon-Nolasco
Lake Harmony Beach

Enjoy a day of fun with your family and friends on the private beach with a small dock on the lake.  This lake is owned by Lake Harmony POA and is available to beach badge holders during the summer months only. Property managers and owners are issued beach passes (will accommodate 10 guests).  You will not be able to use the beach unless you show the pass at the gate so it’s completely private. The Lake is fully protected by certified lifeguards during normal operations. 


The beach is located off South Lake Drive at Wood Street – a 5-10 minute walk from our homes. Families bringing their own personal watercraft must purchase a boat sticker. 


To obtain a boat sticker or need additional boating information contact the Lake Harmony Group at or call them at 610-703-7975. You may also send a written request to P.O. Box 341, Lake Harmony, Pa 18624-0167.